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Taurus is a sensual partner, charming and practical. Financial success and wants a marriage partner trustworthy, that to bring stability and security. Physical partner is also important. Marriage should be to bring a great safety (possible marriage of convenience). Financial problems acquires a special importance is the success, or by concern. It is very emotional, with great sensuality and sensitivity, carefully concealed under the apparent last May. Feelings are difficult to obtain, but when she offers love, is stable and loyal, which expects and from the other. Still can be possessive and jealous of an immense desire for personal security. It is a fertile zodiac, so a Taurus can give birth many children, but sex for him is not only a desire to multiply, but pure erotic pleasure, one of his greatest needs.

It's honest, kind, understanding, charming and funny, always with a smile on my face or a joke. He creates an aura of relaxation on the way for others to answer them the same warmth. Or initial response to emotional problems is reserved and cautious, because he wants to know what position they are before the break. I like attractive people, nice, modest, discreet, trustworthy, affectionate, loyal, who can be helpful. Also feel attracted to persons in an intense social life: designers, sports and artistic personalities, scientists, computer scientists, or people working in social or related communications. Evidence from the partner standing love them are of great help in balancing its psychological, giving courage to go forward in its goals. It is stable in love, so much suffering when disappointed that he is very hard to take over again.

Taurus is a sensual stable, high emotionality, but sometimes may overlook feelings, being more inclined to side material. So it hurt to be interested in the Taurus when captured, making him understand that something could have even won. Romantic relationships are very important to him, that does not like to be alone. It has always needed a partner with, so take anything now, just below or just remain single. Is faithful and loyal partner, which gives a sincere friendship. Often express their feelings in a material way, through gifts, attention, money, which we expect in the same way and the partner.

A bull pass through the stomach feelings, and therefore can be easily conquered them when basic needs are assured of life: food, beverage, convenience, money, sleep. To reach the heart, can be conquered with flowers, sweets, meeting at a restaurant in town at a fast food or just a coffee. Give him flowers ready, like walk in the park, the botanical gardens. A gift fit for a Taurus can be even a flower pot with plants so that plants love. With a Taurus have to talk about money, food, art, flowers, love. You must wear well and praise him permanently. You must respect her habits and habits, might sound absurd. Must avoid conflicts that can irritate him so much, that may trigger a real crisis. By nature is peaceful and retired, so very much love a calm and quiet atmosphere. Does not like many entourages, but privacy, so do not force him to go to family meetings or loud noisy parties.

After a good meal, Taurus can think of sex. If it is hungry, it may not have anything fancy. So he is not satisfied all the needs, Taurus does not move on. Have left little to relax, to make siesta, after which they can take action. Senses are very important to him, so be conquered all senses of a Taurus. The smell - a sexy fragrance or flavor pleasant room. Sight - a pleasant decor, comfortable, clean. Touch - the gentle fabric, silk, satinuri, borangic. Hearing - with a relaxing ambiance and music soapte love. Taste - fine drinks and small snacks with cheese. All his senses must be drunk with all the best. Place seducerii must be comfortable that you stay comfortable in which to not miss anything that gives the physical and emotional security. Very much appreciate the good things in life and do not ever refuse anything. I like living simply, easily, without problems, with all necessities provided, enjoying love and harmony.

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He needs cereals, bread, grain, sugar, candy, root, growing food on land, agricultural products, beef, buffalo beef, food, language, milk, cheese, yellow or green foods: corn, lemon , grapefruit, quince, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, vegetables, apricots, cucumbers, apples, melons, eggs, nuts, maize, vanilla, zucchini, kale, spring vegetables and fruits, etc..


Candy, sweets, and organic gardening items, kitchen items, after shave, cologne, wallet card, bank account, stock, certificate of ownership, drink (wine, champagne), articles on table (dishes, glasses, cutlery), necklace, necklace, articles, music, tapes, articles terrace or garden, flowers, herbs, powders, crystals, rocks, flower pots, recipe book, an annual subscription to massage, a meal at an expensive restaurant, lotions body, soap, perfume and fragrant sweet beauty items, leather jackets, silk scarves, fine fabrics, a holiday in the countryside, rural articles (ethnic, crafts, clothing Peasant), an invitation to a restaurant areas, tie, bag leather, candles, sculptures, chairs, tablecloths, bed, couch, chairs, ergonomic chair, chair, hammock, objects of art, music, slow, relaxing, classical music, folk music, vocal music (choirs, opera) , spring flowers and garden, clothing blue, pink, pastel colors, copper objects, articles are cattle, buffalo, deer, dogs, horses, bears, wolves, sticks, perfumes or essences of cedar, cypress, ivy, magnolia , grain, walnut, oak, honeysuckle, tataneasa, jewelry and objects of metal and semi-precious stones characteristic.


The dress is simple, without pretensions too large, generally classic, but with taste and artistic sense. They prefer comfortable clothes, practical, who dresses quickly, without additional accessories. Prefers work clothes, like overalls or jeans, wear more pants, but I know when to be elegant social obligations they require. They prefer gentle fabrics, quality and velvet, satin or silk. We believe clothes rustic ii, sheepskin coats, vest, etc.. I need to dress wholesale, because they need the warmth and security. They always want clothes with solid zipper or buttons, because they like to feel well placed clothes on body. Shoes should be practical and beautiful, not necessarily easy, but may prefer shoes heavy, stable, with strong soles. You must always wear clothes with collar, the neck, because we need to protect this area of the body. Others prefer to expose the first area of the body, so women can be very low-cut dresses and blouses adeptele or en-Coeur, the discovery of his neck. Always have a scarf or a scarf around the neck to be more chic. Sometimes exaggerate clothing accessory, which can lead to a picture thinking too Feminized. Featured colors in order to increase energies are blue, pastel colors (lime, straw yellow, pink, etc.)

Specific areas

Favorite rooms in the house are kitchen, terrace, balcony, garden, bedroom. Places favorable: it feels good to the cafe, the restaurant, the cafeteria, at a fast food restaurant in the park at the market, the fair, to shop, bank, a play in the show room, in nature, the countryside, woods, mountains, in gardens and orchards. Beneficial areas: north of the country, north of town, in rooms with windows to the north. To place the bed head north.

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